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David Thorndyke and the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet team arrived at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park ready for competition in round one of the 2019 NASCAR Pinty’s Series this past weekend. After a very positive start to the weekend during Saturday’s practice session a series of mechanical misfortunes ended their race prematurely. Taking the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet Camaro out for the first laps of the season Thorndyke and the team were pleased with the results. Completing 26 laps during the one-hour practice session the team worked to improve their performance for the race on Sunday. During the Saturday qualifying session however the same performance wasn’t possible. Only completing three laps the team then went to work diagnosing the problem and found an issue with the transmission. The team acquired a replacement from another team but weren’t sure if they’d be able to complete the 200km race. “We didn’t want to abuse the borrowed equipment but thought we’d see how it goes and decide if we were able to run the full race,” explained Thorndyke. Thorndyke took a cautious approach from the start of the race not pushing the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet too hard. After a few laps the team felt confident enough to keep going. Regrettably another issue, this time with the fuel pump, would bring their day to a premature conclusion. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Thorndyke. “I was taking it super easy and making sure not to get in anyone’s way and the damn fuel pump gives up. It’s a shame; we’ve never come here and had a car that handled this well from the start of practice. It was a mechanical failure for both issues, but it’s frustrating. We never got a chance to show what we could do during the race”. Look for the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet team to return to action in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series during the Chevy Silverado 250 weekend at CTMP in August. The Clarington 200 will be broadcast on TSN Saturday May 25that 11:30AM and on RDS2 on Sunday June 15that 10:30AM All NASCAR Pinty’s Series races are streamed live at and select races on Prepared by Todd Lewis and TL Sports & Entertainment, 961-2618

Photo Credit:Mathew Manor


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