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Since 1988 Promotive Racing has participated in showroom stockcar events all over the country. The race team's extensive repertoire in sprint and endurance events includes:


  • Chevrolet Camaros in the Firestone Firehawk Endurance Series

  • Pontiac Trans ams in Motorola Cup

  • Panoz GT in the Panoz Racing Series

  • Chevrolet Monte Carlos in the CASCAR Super Series

  • Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 in the NASCAR Pinty's Series

Promotive Racing takes great pride in competing at a top level of motorsport in Canada. The competitive draw of racing and running the team with the required attention to detail are passions that fuel the team's owner and drivers. But unlike any other team in the paddock, Promotive Racing fosters an unrivaled sense of camaraderie. 


Mechanics and technicians enjoy working on a clean, well-maintained car, using tools from an organized purpose-built paddock cart. Spotters relay important information from NASCAR to the driver during the race. Volunteers learn about race craft, the mechanical underpinnings of the car and how to have fun while working hard as a team. 


The Oshawa-based team is preparing for a road course-specialized schedule during the 2023 NASCAR Pinty's Series season, as well as a limited schedule in the CDN Legend Car Series. Our dedicated sponsors will be showcased at some of the most challenging and exciting races of the year.

Dave Thorndyke  Team Owner / NASCAR Driver


David Thorndyke is an experienced racing driver with a passion for road racing. He first earned his professional racing license in 1988 and has since competed consistently in varied forms of motorsport. From Firestone Firehawk endurance races to sprint races with the Panoz Racing Series, Thorndyke developed a true talent for piloting a racecar. 


NASCAR is synonymous with the upper echelons of stockcar racing, and David now competes under that same banner in Canada within the NASCAR Pinty's Series. His favourite track is Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, just outside of Bowmanville, Ontario.


On top of his love for driving, David is fascinated by automotive technology. He loves to build, repair, improve, research and design mechanical systems for cars and trucks. Combining his passions and profession, he is the President of Thorsons Enclosed Vehicle Transportation (EVT), a specialty vehicle transporter. On the weekends, when he's not at the race shop, David enjoys watching all NASCAR racing series on television. 

Adam Thorndyke  Car Chief / Legends Driver


Adam Thorndyke grew up at the race track with his father, David, coming naturally by his desire to race cars. Before strapping into the driver's seat himself, Adam learned to become a master race mechanic, a crew chief and a spotter. Side-by-side with David, Adam learned through experience how to be a successful driver and team owner. Adam is currently preparing for his second season as a driver in the CDN Legend Car Series as well as prepping a car to race in the CASC GT Sprints at Canadian Tire Mororsports Park. 


During the week, Adam is the Lead Technician at Multimatic Motorsports for the Ford GT Mark II. Combining his years of experience working at the race track with his technical skills as a mechanic and fabricator, Adam helps produce high-performance track-ready vehicles.


On weekends, Adam can be found in one of three places:

  • The race shop working on the cars

  • The race track managing the Pinty's Series NASCAR team or racing his CDN Legends Car Series Car

  • At home with his family, enjoying racing on TV or iRacing

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