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Driver David Thorndyke returned to action a little sooner than expected, participating in round number four of the NASCAR Pinty’s Series this past Saturday at Exhibition Place in Toronto as part of the Indy weekend. Instead of his usual number #67 Thorndyke piloted the #56 RC Trailers / B&B Decals / Aielli / Strodes Chevrolet in collaboration with longtime racer Jim Bray. “The whole thing came together pretty quickly” joked Thorndyke before hitting the track. “Jim and I talked a couple of days ago about working together and before I knew it, we were coming to Toronto” he added. During the practice session Thorndyke struggled getting comfortable in the #56 RC Trailers / B&B Decals / Aielli / Strodes Chevrolet. “Never having driven this car before I had to get used to the pedals and everything else being a little different than my car” he explained. “It got better as the day went along”. A significant storm delayed the start of the Pinty’s Grand Prix but once the race began the action was fierce. “Guys got after it pretty quickly out there” said Thorndyke. “I knew I just had to be patient and run my race”. Staying out of the way of others Thorndyke thoughtfully ran lap after lap in the #56 RC Trailers / B&B Decals / Aielli / Strodes Chevrolet and improved his time with almost every lap and moved forward in the field. “I’m pretty happy with how things came out” said Thorndyke. “I’m glad the rain moved out and we got to run in the dry. With each lap the car felt better too and I was able to pick up some speed as the race moved along. All in all, we had a good day picking up some spots and the car looks the same as when we went out on track”. “I want to thank Jim Bray for making this happen. Jim’s a wonderful guy and a great supporter of racing in Canada”. Look for the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet team to return to action in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series during the Chevy Silverado 250 weekend at CTMP in August. All NASCAR Pinty’s Series races are streamed live on, the TSN App and at Prepared by Todd Lewis and TL Sports & Entertainment, 961-2618

Photo Credit:Mathew Manor


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