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David Thorndyke and the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet team returned to action for round number ten of the 2018 NASCAR Pinty’s Series at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park this past weekend. The team was looking for another solid run at a track where they’ve enjoyed previous success. The #67 Thorsons EVT Chevy team were hoping to improve on their performance at the season opening even where they debuted the new Camaro body style. “We had a bit of a scramble just getting the car ready,” said driver David Thorndyke. “We found some things that we weren’t happy with and had to adjust to get through tech (Technical Inspection) before practice”. Once on track during the Saturday afternoon practice session the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet team worked on race set up. With the qualifying session rained out Thorndyke would line up 23rd for the start of the 51-lap race. Once the green flag waved there were plenty of competitors that had their “elbows up” right away. Thorndyke took a more pragmatic approach in the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet. “We see it every time we’re here, guys go hard right at the start and fade” he explained. “We always try and pace ourselves”. Thorndyke was also dealing with a braking issue with the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevy almost immediately. “Almost right away I was having to pump the brake pedal going into the corners. And I heel toe, I don’t brake with my left foot so that makes it a challenge sometimes”. Following a scheduled pit stop for fuel Thorndyke exited his pit stall in a hurry. A little too much of a hurry and he was given a drive through penalty for speeding. Once racing resumed under green he was looking to move the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet forward. In spite of the penalty and ongoing brake issues Thorndyke continued to hustle his way around the famed 10-turn road course and cross the finish line five positions ahead of where he started. “I’m happy,” he said afterwards. “The car is clean, we stayed out of trouble and it was good to be here at the track as a family and having fun”. The Total 200 from CTMP can be seen on TSN Saturday September 1stat 1:30PM ET. Prepared by Todd Lewis and TL Sports & Entertainment, 961-2618

Photo Credit:Mathew Manor

It’s been a busy off season for driver David Thorndyke and the #67 Thorsons EVT / LBL Studio Chevrolet team as they prepared for the season opener of the 2018 NASCAR Pinty’s Series at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The team finally hit the track this past weekend and after an exciting race on Sunday afternoon they can’t wait to get back in action again.

During the winter months Car Chief Adam Thorndyke converted the Monte Carlo to the sharp new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 body. “It was a lot of work to get done but I think it was worth it, everyone’s really excited” he stated.

Due to inclement weather limiting practice, driver David Thorndyke would only complete 10 laps in the #67 Thorsons EVT / LBL Studio Chevrolet during the session but still came up with the 12th quickest time. Weather also forced cancellation of the qualifying session, so Thorndyke lined up 18th on the starting grid, determined by last season’s points.

Sunday arrived with perfect race conditions and as the green flag waved David Thorndyke was on the move in the #67 Thorsons EVT / LBL Studio Chevrolet Camaro. Thorndyke made his scheduled stop for fuel and was back on track after a flawless pitstop by the driver and crew. Unfortunately, an untimely caution period commenced just as service was completed, which set them back in their progress.

For the balance of the 51-lap race Thorndyke continued to improve his position in the #67 Thorsons EVT / LBL Studio Chevrolet. As the checkered flag fell he crossed the finish line in the 16th position. “It’s not the finish we’d like but all in all the car was decent and we had a pretty good day” summed up the driver.

While the new body looked great, Car Chief Adam Thorndyke along with the driver both agreed there’s still some work to be done to improve performance. “There’s a couple of things we need to work on and it’ll be better next time out,” said Adam Thorndyke. “But everyone did a good job today and we’re pleased with the direction we’re going”.

The season opening NASCAR Pinty’s Series race can be seen Sunday May 27th at 4:30PM on TSN4.

Prepared by Todd Lewis and TL Sports & Entertainment, 961-2618

Photo Credit:Mathew Manor

David Thorndyke and the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevrolet team are already busy preparing for competition in the 2018 NASCAR Pinty’s Series. Next season there will be a fresh look to the #67 machine, as Thorndyke will be campaigning the new look Chevrolet Camaro when they hit the track for the season opener in May. Thorndyke and the #67 Thorsons/EVT Chevrolet team has been a mainstay of the NASCAR Pinty’s Series for over a decade and are very proud to debut the new Camaro body style when they hit the track next year. “This is something we’re really excited about,” said Thorndyke. “We’re based in Oshawa, Ontario and proud supporters of our community and Chevy products,” he added. The Chevrolet Camaro brand is being reintroduced to the Cup Series in the United States as well as the Canadian Series. “From what I’ve seen so far it looks really cool,” said Thorndyke “And I can’t wait to see how it looks on our car”. While sleek new looks are one thing, a new body design also presents new challenges for the team and Car Chief Adam Thorndyke. The son of the driver knows he’ll have a lot of work ahead of him to have the car ready to go in the spring. “The new look is terrific but it also means that the car is going to feel different on the track,” explained Adam Thorndyke. “I’m really hoping we can do a few test sessions before the start of the season, that’ll really help us”. Look for the #67 Thorsons/EVT Chevrolet Camaro to begin their racing season with the 2018 NASCAR Pinty’s Series opener as part of the Victoria Day Speedfest at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP). “We’ll be competing for sure in the two events at CTMP said David Thorndyke “and quite possibly the race at the Indy” he added. Prepared by Todd Lewis and TL Sports & Entertainment, (239) 961-2618

Photo Credit: Chevrolet Media


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